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"How can I replace or modify my YouTube Video?"

I you are like me, you've probably posted a YouTube video, promoted it, posted the links all over, then decided you needed to make a change to it. Unfortunately, once you've uploaded it, you can only make very basic changes to the video. At this time, it's not possible to replace the video with a new one and keep the same URL. As a solution to this problem, whenever I post links to YouTube videos, I use a custom URL from my favorite link management platform (it's free!).

With Rebrandly, you can modify the link target, so that if you do need to replace the video, you only need to update the destination URL in your dashboard. You also have the ability to use a branded custom domain. I created a subdomain for my site to use for all of my links: My URLs look like If I did a large number of videos, I would make the subdomain This is not a necessary step, and you can use the default URL and still change the destination link later.

If you found this article searching for a way to modify your video, this won't help you this time, but hopefully your future self will thank you for using Rebrandly!

If you would like a tutorial on custom domains, please leave a comment.

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