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About Me

Even though I have photographed over 150 weddings, I treat each one as though it's the most important wedding ever.  Because it is.  Photographing the most significant day in someone's life is a huge responsibility, and one I do not take lightly.  Even after 12 years in business I still spend countless hours and dollars each year improving my skills so that I can provide you the best images and experience possible.

I have both a technical and art background which makes photography a perfect fit for me... and hopefully makes me a perfect fit for you!  I started my college years in art school and finished it with an engineering degree. After 6 years at GE Appliances I decided I wanted to work for myself, be with my family, and make pretty things :)

Last year I celebrated 23 years of marriage to my incredibly patient and understanding husband Mark, who often assists me at weddings.  I have three children ages 21, 19, and 18 who also assist me on portrait sessions whether they like it or not.

Louisville Wedding Photographer Tammy Howell

What I look like at the end of a wedding (with one of my favorite people!)  

Down and dirty at a portrait shoot... sacrificing my favorite Chucks for the shot. 

Sometimes the photos I take like this actually end up not crooked! (Thankfully I can always crop it straight!)

One of the best compliments I can get is for a bride to put a photo of me in her wedding album.

I planned every part of this shoot except what I was going to wear in the water.  My favorite Buckle jeans weighed about 185 pounds getting out of the pool!

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